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Registrace má tři fáze.

1) Getting an ID and passing an online test

  • Filling in personal and contact information, getting your own ID for the online registration
  • Passing an online test that determines your level of Czech language. Based on the result, the registration system offers you courses suitable for your level.

2) Online registration for the specific course - 29.1.2019 from 10:00

  • After logging in the system with your ID at the day of your registration, you can choose from the courses available for your level
  • Online registration starts at the particular day and hour and ends once the capacity is full
  • Attention: the capacity can be filled within a few seconds after launching the registration
  • After you successfully register online, you will receive an email with all the information about finishing the registration

3) Finishing the registration personally at the Integration centre Prague office

  • You must come in person with your personal ID and pay a refundable deposit of 1500 CZK

I have no ID
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